Welcome to Endless City!

We are a cross-genre superhero mush allowing characters from literature, movies, comics and video games (it might be easier to say what we don't allow, which is a much smaller list.) Endless City is consent-based Pennmush, with a very simple application process designed to get your character on the grid as quickly as possible.

You can find us at: endlesscity.kydance.net, port 1138

What do we have to offer?

* Simple Application Process. Log on to the game with the character name you want, read our rules, set your character description and finger information, then come back here and fill out your character application here on the wiki (you won't have an app in the live game – it will be stored here and double as your character wiki page.) We try to provide immediate feedback, let people know right away if there's a problem, and get you to the fun parts (i.e. the role-playing) as quickly as possible.

* Creative License. We have no interest in telling you how you should play your character or judging if your take on Superman matches ours or is 'right.' You want to play a Kal-el who was adopted by the Luthor family and became a super-villain? Go for it. Your favorite character from some book that no one else seems to have ever heard of? Fine by us. Want to play an original character you created yourself? Come on in!

* A Small Grid. The City will grow in response to our player base. Right now it's pretty small, but as people build their own houses, business and secret lairs, we'll add more public connecting areas.

* It's YOUR Sandbox, Not Ours. While a certain amount of wiz-level tyranny is inevitable in any mush environment (and essential to keeping things peaceful) we've tried to create a game that will let you create the stories you want without worrying that the Hammer of the Staff Gods will come down on you for deviating from the established mush canon. The City's many gates to countless parallel dimensions allows for an in-game meta handwaving that solves many of the most common concerns about making sure everyone's story 'matches' or that players don't deviate from master plots. And if a player wants to spend all their time adventuring in Gotham instead of the Endless City, that's easy!

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